3 thoughts on “My latest research on the recipe in The Book of Margery Kempe is published in The Guardian:

  1. Really interesting research. It makes sense that Margery would seek relief from the dire and dreadful symptoms of dysentery but I wonder if she was so keen to be rid of the “copious crying”. She seems to suggest that it was a “gift from God” (albeit one that brought her ridicule and social distress), and one that other mystics also manifested. In any case, wonderful food for thought. Thank you for the article.

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    1. Hi Carmel, thanks for this. I totally agree re the crying. In fact, I’ve published in MFF on Kempe’s crying, and argued just that – that she’s reliant on her weeping. My take on this is that others seem to want to ‘cure’ her, whether medieval or modern!


      1. Hi Clarissa, I have your book on Margery Kempe – it was essential reading in the days of my doctoral study on the Middle English mystics in general, but I was very drawn to Margery’s unbridled ‘individuality’. My publications have been more on Julian of Norwich but, obviously, Margery has a connection there. It’s wonderful to see great scholars like Laura Kalas Williams furthering the research.


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