Medieval literature, Medicine, Transformations

Welcome to Medieval Metamorphoses: a project site that brings together questions of gender, literature, religion, science, medicine, experience and identity.
I like to think of medieval women as owners of Palimpsest Bodies: bodies that are shaped and distorted, enclosed and diffusive, modified and rewritten. That’s why this project is about metamorphoses – because in order to achieve spiritual and physical health and wholeness, medieval people had to shape-shift and adapt to different spaces and environments.
Much like a pilgrimage in the Middle Ages, this project is a journey on which I hope to uncover new connections and questions, ruptures and continuities, in thinking about the body and its meanings. The experience of medieval holy women was at once dangerous and enlightening.
Project Medieval Metamorphoses aims for the same experience.


L0037338 Female healer, ?Trotula, holding urine flask, 14th C
‘Trotula’ holding a urine flask in Wellcome Library Miscellanea Medica XVIII, early 14th century

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